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WL Statesman / Caprice

WL Statesman

Released in 2004, the WL brought with it an all-new 3.6 litre Alloytec V6 engine, succeeding the WK's Ecotec unit. Power and torque figures were rated at 190 kilowatts (250 hp) and 340 newton metres (250 lb·ft), respectively. The Statesman's optional V8 was the 245 kilowatts (329 hp) version from the WK Caprice, with the WL Caprice's engine obtaining a further 5 kilowatts (6.7 hp). The V8s retained the four-speed GM 4L60-E automatic transmission, while the Alloytec V6 versions received a new five-speed GM 5L40-E automatic. Several new safety features were added to the WL lineup. Such include brake assist, electronic brakeforce distribution, Electronic Stability Program and LED tail lamps. The new LED lamps give an additional 5 metres (16 ft) of warning to trailing motorists travelling at 110 kilometres per hour (68 mph) because they illuminate in 60 nanoseconds, compared to 1,000 for conventional incandescent light bulbs.


WL Caprice

In 2005, General Motors began exporting the Statesman to China, where it was badged as the Buick Royaum. The Royaum was initially equipped with the 3.6 litre Alloytec engine fitted to the Statesman, however a 155-kilowatt (208 hp) 2.8 litre version of the same followed later in the year. During 2005, Holden exported almost 2,000 units to South Korea. With an identical powertrain to the Buick, the South Korean export model was sold through the GM Daewoo network and marketed as the Daewoo Statesman.