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Buying a VZ Commodore

So you're wanting to buy a VZ Commodore or one of it's variants? The first step is to make sure you do some research. Find out which model will suit your needs best. Do you just need the car to get you from A to B safely? Or will it need to be luxurious for those long journey's to and from work or across state? These are all considerations you need to take into account when buying.

Choosing a VZ

After you've done your basic research it's time to go out and look for your VZ. Take a look at the market to get an idea of the price each year or model goes for so you know exactly what to expect when getting your own. If you're after a performance model Commodore you should always speak to the current and previous owners if possible and try and gauge how they've driven the car. If they have treated the car with little respect or driven it hard on a daily basis you may be in for some mechanical problems. One owner cars and cars with full service histories are always good to look out for as you generally gain the full history on the VZ they own.

Independent Checks

It is always a good idea to call up the Written Off Vehicles Register (WOVR) and make sure the car hasn't been damaged to the point of being a write off, and to always call the Register of Encumbered Vehicles (REVS) and check if there is any outstanding finance owing on the car. After doing these, if you're not mechanically minded, you should arrange to have the Holden inspected by a qualified mechanic before you commit to buying it as you will receive a written report on the car's condition.

Vehicle Finance

If you require finance to purchase a VZ, make sure to shop around for the best interest rates and such. There is no need to rush into the first loan you can grab as there are always other Commodores you can buy if you can't organise better finance in time. The main issue is to always make sure you can afford to make the repayments and it's not just an impulse purchase as finance can get you into trouble if it's something you're not in a position to take on.

Insuring Your VZ

When buying a VZ it's always a good idea to call up some insurance companies beforehand and find out what sort of premiums you will be paying for the car you are after, what sort of excess you would have to pay and other things they offer. If you're a younger driver the premiums on the high performance models can be very high, so if it's not essential to get a high performance Commodore you can always make do with an Executive or Acclaim until you're older.

Finding a Dealership

If you're looking to buy a VZ from a dealership, you might want to check out this list of Commodore Dealers available on the VE Commodore website!